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Used by journalists from the world's best known publications including:

Wall Street Journal
Irish Independent
City AM
Silicon Republic

A full suite of tools designed with journalists in mind.

Document moments accurately with our transcription tool

Generate transcripts quickly and easily. Organise your video and audio recordings. Annotate your interviews and sound bites with time-stamped notes.

Receive 3 hours of free transcription every month!

“Transcription is a necessary, but time-consuming task for journalists. Getting a free tool designed to help us record and transcribe interviews on the fly will be transformative.”

Elaine Burke, Editor - Silicon Republic
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Gain insights into the stories that matter

Analyse the performance of your articles across all platforms to improve audience engagement, inform editorial decisions, and increase reader loyalty.

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Legitimate wants to empower journalists, promote local news, help the journalism community grow stronger and fight back against the threat of disinformation.

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Ditch the spreadsheets

Streamline your work, manage projects and organise tasks. Our Workflow Manager helps you stay on schedule so you hit your deadlines.

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Receive communications safely and securely

Keep yourself and your sources safe while making it easy for the right people to get in touch. No need to display your email for spammers and bots to scrape. Customise your contact forms to ensure you receive the information you need. Have your forms fully encrypted to ensure only you have access.

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Showcase your work in a professional portfolio

Publish to your editor, your site, or on Legitimate - your entire body of work is forever archived on your personal Legitimate page. We'll automatically populate your portfolio as you publish content around the web.

Establish a 1:1 relationship with your readers, who can follow your Legitimate page and always find your past and current work.

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and much more...

We want journalists to have everything they need to do their job, grow an audience and build a brand.

Thought Pad

Quickly and easily capture and arrange your thoughts and ideas.

Contact Manager

Easily organise and manage your contacts in one central location.

Content Creation

Create engaging and visually appealing content directly within Legitimate.


Keep your audience informed and engaged with our newsletter features.

Growth Tools

Increase visibility and reach with RSS feeds, QR codes and email footers.


Many of our tools are fully encrypted to provide protection for your sources and unpublished work.

A tool that every journalist should use and take advantage of.

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