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Journalists can sometimes find themselves pigeonholed into a particular area of coverage. Once you establish yourself in a beat, it's common for people to associate your name solely with that topic. For instance, if you specialize in politics, you may be perceived as a political reporter without exception. However, this does not mean that you don't have a passion for other subjects, even if you love your current beat.

As a journalist, having a blog can offer several benefits to your career. Here are some of the advantages of blogging for journalists:

  • Develop your writing skills and style
  • Build your personal brand and showcase your expertise
  • Expand your network
  • Gain experience with content marketing and SEO
  • Experiment with new storytelling techniques and formats

Every person has something they're passionate about, and blogging offers an excellent avenue to express those interests beyond work-related matters.

The key is to view your blog as a platform to discuss all the things that don't fit within your professional beats..

If you've ever felt a desire to write about your passions, a blog is an ideal space to do so

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Your blog posts simply appear in your profile next to your other articles. Users can then filter and search your articles as they choose.

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Publish your posts when you like with simple auto scheduling.
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We provide built in tools for growing an audience such as RSS feeds and QR codes.
Newsletter functionality
Let people subscribe and get emailed a link to your article the second it's published.
Multiple post styles
We currently offer numerous templates for your posts, with more in the works.
Metadata configuration
Control what appears when your article is shown in search results and via social media.
Auto-share to Twitter
Connect to Twitter and automatically share your articles as you publish them.
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Our website is fully responsive so your posts will look beautiful on mobile phones and tablets.

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