A fully encrypted note app

Write down your thoughts, notes and draft articles with the reasurance that everything is fully encrypted and only visible to you.

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If privacy or source protection is a priority, then draft your articles and take notes in our fully encrypted notepad!

Have everything you need to take notes and write drafts.

Full WYSIWYG capabilities

Our notepad comes with all the editing features you are familar with from other text editors.

Auto Saving

Our notepad saves your work every few seconds so that you'll never pull your hair out trying to recover a file.

Link to Workflow tickets

Easily link your draft to a ticket on your workflow board. This means you can easily see all your content related to a ticket easily in one place.

I spoke with hundreds of journalists to understand what truely matters to them. An easy to manage and great looking portfolio was a top request, and that is what we built.

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